Alexandra District Energy Utility

Alexandra District Energy Utility

About this project

An addition to an existing, modest, developer-built district energy facility, this phase expanded the geo-exchange and provided more capacity for heating and cooling to the Alexandra neighbourhood. To provide resiliance during more extreme weather conditions, 8 gas boilers and 3 cooling towers were added. Located in a park and with residential development nearby, acoustics were a significant design constraint but addressed with a colourful acoustic screen which also masks the tall cooling towers. Windows provide views into the facility and along with clerestories, provide daylighting.

In addition to integrating public art into the glazing system, the project also provided nests for the nearby resident owls.

Architect: Martin Nielsen, Principal at DIALOG
SLA Role: Project Manager while at DIALOG


Tags:  BC wood, CLT, daylighting, green roof, greenroof, infrastructure, Kerr Wood Leidal, KWL, LiveRoof, public art, vancouver, Vancouver Architect, wood