Currie Barracks

Currie Barracks

About this project

Located 7 minutes southwest of downtown Calgary on the former Canadian Forces Base, CFB Calgary, Currie is a 195 acre master planned, new urbanist community. At the core is the 22 acre Currie Barracks development, a joint venture between Canada Lands Company and Embassy Bosa Developments, with an anticipated total build-out of 1.2 million sq.ft. with 2,500 housing units, 125,000 sq.ft. of commercial retail including a 50,000 sq.ft. grocery store.

The design provides a walkable, mixed-use, retail and amenity-oriented town centre. The work included expanding, refining and designing the details of the Civitas Master Plan for The Core District with a detailed massing and architectural design of the first three phases. The scope of work included:

– modelling and detailed analysis of massing relative to urban design, scale, permitted density, access to sun and protection from wind for public spaces

– development of schematic plans to provide an efficiency analysis, define public spaces and amenities, parking and servicing

– defining the character of the public realm and the interconnections to the semi-public and private spaces

– analysis of optimal commercial retail use locations and access to parking by vehicle and pedestrians, access to public transit (regional and local) and bike routes

– defining the character of the buildings, opportunities for lingering, placemaking, connections, weather protection, seasonal use of the public realm

– development of detailed architectural plans for 7 buildings with 550 residential units, 115,000 sq.ft. of retail space, a 1,500 stall below-grade parkade, a 20,000 sq.ft. public plaza, and 110,000 sq.ft. of semi-public courtyard space.

Architect: Joost Bakker, Principal at DIALOG
SLA Role: Project Manager and Project Architect while at DIALOG


Tags:  Alberta, Bosa, Calgary, concrete, Currie, Currie Barracks, density, Embassy Bosa, hi-rise, microclimate, mixed-use, multi-family, phased, placemaking, public mews, urban design, Vancouver Architect