Granville Island Building 36

Granville Island Building 36

About this project

Having spent 10 years as the “Island Architect” completing various rehabilitation and restoration projects, Building 36 was the most challenging. Having been damaged by heavy snow that fell from the bridge above, accidentally ploughed over the edge by the City, the building was structurally condemned. CMHC Granville Island saw the immense heritage value and wished to restore the building. This required a seismic upgrade to the structure but also the footings, new steel moment frame and new wood trusses, all engineered by Equilibrium Consulting Inc. who are wood experts; a new sprinkler system and a significant amount of bike storage was also added.

Architect: Joost Bakker, Principal at DIALOG
SLA Role: Project Manager + Project Architect while at DIALOG


Tags:  BC wood, heritage, planner, rehabilitation, restoration, seismic upgrade, urban design, vancouver, Vancouver Architect, wood
Client:  CMHC Granville Island