Waterstone Pier

Waterstone Pier

About this project

Located on the scenic and active south arm of the Fraser River at the east end of Steveston Highway in Richmond, BC, the development is oriented to maximize views of Mount Baker. The design reflects the industrial nature of the river, the flags on the passing vessels and the adjacent Riverport Landing entertainment area. The project enhanced and increased the river’s natural habitat, increased the height of the dyke well beyond the minimum levels and¬†provides sustainable¬†geothermal heating and cooling.

Architect: Norm Hotson, Principal at DIALOG
SLA Role: Project Manager + Project Architect while at DIALOG


Tags:  BC wood, colored glass, coloured glass, dike, dyke, Fraser River, galvalume, landscape, master planning, public walkway, vancouver, Vancouver Architect, waterfront, wood, wood frame
Client:  Legacy Park Lands Ltd.